Monday, 14 October 2013

Storyboard Brief

The brief for this project asked for a storyboard that showed two characters/objects meeting - one had to be travelling slowly and one fast. I was inspired by the ghost stories surrounding Dartmoor and decided to depict a headless horseman intercepting a lost hiker.
This is my first proper attempt at a storyboard, and I have no doubt there's lots of things wrong with it so I'm really looking forward to being able to discuss and get some critique on this project at the next class and then I can improve my storyboarding skills. I did include some aspects of storyboarding that I have learnt so far on the course - for example, the two characters are travelling in opposite directions suggesting they will meet, also their direction of travel does not change until they stop. 
I used Adobe Flash to create the storyboard as I like using the drawing tools, however in future I will be learning how to use Photoshop for tasks such as this.

Preparatory sketchbook drawings

I drew from a couple of references to get more comfortable drawing horses for this project -  Jacques-Louis David's painting 'Napoleon Crossing the Alps'; Eadweard Muybridge's photos of a galloping horse; a book on drawing horses by Lee J. Ames; also Disney and Dreamworks designs. I also did some quick drawings of my friend riding her horse to understand the movement a bit better. These are very quick and basic sketches but they were really helpful when it came to drawing out the storyboard.

Of some relevance to this project is a hand-drawn animation I did using Richard William's The Animator's Survival Kit of a horse galloping earlier this year when I was applying to studying animation. I'm hoping to create an improved version of this animation soon and look at some more of William's examples.

The individual drawings for the animation (flipped)

Following on from a sketchbook tutorial as part of my course at university, I've set myself the task of drawing much more in my sketchbook. I'm planning on trying out various styles of drawing in a similar way to how I did these horse sketches, however I'd like to develop my drawing further on from just working with references - to use sources to understand how the subject exists and works in 3D but then to use this knowledge to draw some really original styles and designs.

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