Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Flash: Animated short assignment

This is the latest Flash assignment I have completed - we we're given an obscure sound clip and told to animate something to accompany it. I'm not particularly thrilled with how this animation turned out but I learnt a lot making it. I employed the techniques of cut-out, frame-by-frame and lip-sync in the piece.
I found the toughest part of this project was actually working out what to animate as the sound clip was so weird and dis-jointed - my vision went through several reincarnations. I decided I wanted the animation to be creepy and unsettling, and also I wanted to try a different style than before. I was definitely pushed for time to complete this animation but in future I think I will spend longer on the pre-production as I think this will make the production process easier and smoother.
Below I have included some of the design work I did whilst brainstorming ideas for this project.

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