Flash exercise: Cubey Emotions

This is the next of our Flash briefs for the course - to animate a simple cube character displaying emotion. In the first video they must react to a sound (unheard to the audience), and in the second a small cubey must annoy a dominant larger cubey.
I found these briefs more challenging than before as I haven't much experience animating frame-by-frame in Flash. There is a lot to improved in these clips - largely the timing and easing-in and out of movement. I was particularly conscious of employing the animation principles we have discussed thus far on the course - timing, weight, anticipation and overlapping.

One of the main challenges of this was to give character to a box and circle - the character has no facial features or legs, so all of the emotion has to be portrayed using the body movement. I'm pretty pleased with how I did these - there is still room for improvement which I hope to do before I put together my showreel for the first term. To do this, I'll be working more with the previously-mentioned animation principles. Altogether, I'm very happy with my progress on Flash - I'm beginning to feel much more confident animating, which will be useful for our next brief (due next week) which is to animate a short clip of at least 15 seconds to accompany a pre-selected sound clip. 

This will involve a lot more freedom and I'm keen to push my skills and see if I can achieve some really interesting animation - mixing the different animation techniques I've been introduced to thus on this course - and also to include some more artistic elements. 

Cubey reacting to a sound

Big and small cubey interacting