E4 Sting Project

This was an interesting project as we had to swap our work after one week and give it to someone else to complete. We weren't told that this would be the case, just that we had two weeks and that we should spend the first week creating an animatic and designs.
Honestly, I found it difficult to come up with a concept that fit E4's style but once I had I was pretty excited to practise walk cycles. However, as we unexpectedly had to swap I ended up trying something completely different.
Above is the animatic I did in the first week. The idea was to appeal to an audience that watches programmes like Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
Next I was given this animatic by Chris Lewin http://dimensiondynamics.tumblr.com/
He had planned to make his using Maya, but unfortunately I am not as skilled as he is so I chose to make it using mostly Flash, although I utilised his first scene.

Here's the completed sting. Not my best work but I learnt how to draw dinosaurs at least. I've realised that I really like focussing on the art style, so I enjoyed creating the living room scene. I want to become better at landscapes though. Overall, this was a pretty interesting project with plenty of challenges.