Trying traditional animation: Hammer Throw

One of my first attempts at traditional animation using a lightbox. The animation could use a lot of improvement but I'm still quite proud of it. I need to change the anticipation lean-back as I got a bit confused with all the sheets of paper at this point and it doesn't run very smoothly. I should probably also add some more frames to slow down the whole animation as it plays very fast.
I like working with traditional methods, as I am most used to drawing on paper and am not as confident drawing using a tablet on a computer. Animating using a lightbox means I can work quicker and rougher, although it may just be the novelty factor that means I enjoy it at the moment!
We have been introduced to a new experimental animation project this week which means I can do some really experimental work using the lightbox, so I'm excited about that.

I also did the hammer-throwing animation exercise in Flash and included some extra scenes:

In this piece I am most pleased with the guy getting hit by the hammer. It's not perfect but I spent a lot of time trying to work out how someone would react, and made several attempts that looked entirely unnatural.

UPDATE (20/02/2014):

After a feedback session, I added some improvements to the Flash version as suggested by the tutor. This meant adding a few extra frames: