Dance sketches

As part of our Motion Studies module we are creating an animated dance. In preparation I sat in on a dance class at the university in order to do some sketches. I've found throughout this course that I am having to get used to a different type of life drawing to what am used to from my previous art education. The poses are more about movement and so I have had to alter my technique. I do miss doing long 2 hour drawings and I want to do some like this in my own time, however it is interesting to learn how to create drawings based on movement. The dance sketches were definitely very quick and it was challenging to sketch anything meaningful.
After the class I took the initial sketches I made during the class and translated them from scribbles focused just on the line of movement into more defined sketches.
I've started using Photoshop more now and am actually really starting to like using it and see the advantage over tradition drawing and painting. Now that I have started experimenting with brushes in Photoshop I feel more comfortable using it and I'm keen to continue learning.

Below are the Photoshop drawings I did. For the final animation I would like to make it look very loose and stylistic, focusing on shapes such as in the final drawing I did: