I am pleased with how this skip cycle turned out. As we had extra time for this assignment due to the Easter break we were tasked to also create a character with dynamic clothes. I enjoyed working on this a more than the 'non-character' work we did previously as I really worked on using details of the character design to describe her personality. Technically, I think the hat's movement could be altered slightly but in general I am happy with it.

Her bag swings slightly further and fast than her arms to indicate it's extra weight, and I also added a blink cycle using symbols. The bag itself is a symbol that I stretched and squashed, whilst the bag straps are drawn frame by frame.

Character design is possibly an area I would like to go into, and as part of that I think it's important to become better at describing characters through their movements as well as looks.

I developed this character some time ago (see here) so I'm really happy to have finally done some animation with them! After the Mazed deadline I am thinking of redoing my walk cycles using this character, perhaps also the juggling exercise too as I would like to apply what I have learnt since then.