Thursday, 10 April 2014

Walk cycles

These are two exercises I did for Motion Studies. The first is a side-on walkcycle, I made this using symbols in Flash. It was difficult and I feel it could have more motion such as in the head and neck. Since making this I've become more confident at animating in general (as you can see in my skipping animation) and now when I look at this I see so many mistakes. I aim to redo this after the Mazed deadline.

The next one is a 3/4 walk cycle. I tried a different technique for this one to try and get a less 'stiff' style so instead of using symbols it is mostly frame by frame drawings on Flash. I think a combination of this technique and symbols is the best way forward. I found walkcycles difficult so again I am thrilled with the outcome but I am getting more confident the more I practice them. In this particular animation I am pleased with the legs and how the feet really 'slap' down on the ground.

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