2D background project PART 1

The final deadline of the first year. I've been really trying to learn Photoshop this term so I'm pleased to have been able to do a large chunk of this project in Photoshop. There were a number of short tasks and then 4 main drawings required. The main drawings had to be developing on from any storyboard we had produced on the course so far. I chose 'Zoo Troop and the Lost Pirate Treasure' as I really like pirates and have always been influenced by the Monkey Island series - here was a chance to use the techniques I have learnt from years of studying backgrounds by Steve Purcell and Bill Tiller.

Here are some of the drawings I did for the first part of this project:

1. Five perspective drawings were required. I worked in blue animation pencil for these. The church below has 2 vanishing points.

2. Next were composition layouts, these were to be copied from existing animations so we could learn what made a good composition. Below are layouts from Mulan, Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast and 101 Dalmatians.

3. These drawings I were most uncomfortable with, I tried to experiment and practice using Photoshop and also to introduce colour. The requirement was to show atmospheric perspective using trees and foliage. I need to practice creating more definition and depth but I feel this was a good start.

4. Tonal drawings. We had to make 3 of these, the one below I did during a practical lesson and I was pleased with how it came out as I was really thinking about how the light would fall, where the light source was... I've realised from this that lighting is a very important element of backgrounds.