2D background project PART 2

Finally are the main backgrounds. I did all of these of Photoshop. I found it very difficult to start on these as I tried many different techniques. In the end I decided to draw similarly to how I work in Flash.

(Repeated from Part 1: The main drawings had to be developing on from any storyboard we had produced on the course so far. I chose 'Zoo Troop and the Lost Pirate Treasure' as I really like pirates and have always been influenced by the Monkey Island series - here was a chance to use the techniques I have learnt from years of studying backgrounds by Steve Purcell and Bill Tiller.)

Here is an example of my working process for the exterior coloured background:

Here's the original storyboard shot that I had to work from. This is only a rough drawing and so there is quite a lot of freedom in how the layout can be drawn.

First an initial sketch in Photoshop to get the perspective and general composition.

Then I began adding details, I drew all the components on different layers so they could resized, moved or mirrored. This aspect of Photoshop makes it very easy to work with compared to traditional drawing.

Here is the final line-art. I really liked it at this stage and was pretty surprised at how well it had gone. I definitely started developing a strong style here.

The first stage of the colouring process. I decided to work by getting the basic colours done and then to add shadows and light to add depth. I'm not sure if this is the best way to work but this was the first major piece of colouring I had done using Photoshop so the process was really trial-and-error.

I added some dark overlays to create the right colour for a night-time scene.

And finally I added the shadows and light. I tried to think specifically about where the light would fall - there are three light sources: the main one is the moon and then there are also the two lamps. I found a good glow effect on Photoshop that I added to the moon and also to the surfaces that would particularly reflect the light such as the metal cannons.

For a first real attempt on Photoshop I'm really pleased with how this turned out, I liked it most at the line-art stage so I think I need to practice more effective colouring-techniques and work on my colour theory. I used complementary colours such as the purple and gold but I'd like to improve my future coloured pieces.

Here's my double-panning layout for the project (I did one double pan instead of two single layouts). Again, it is set on a pirate ship. I added foreground elements to frame the scene. I did this before the coloured exterior which really helped as I could practice my techniques in Photoshop and I think you can see how much improved I was by the time I did the exterior piece.

This is the coloured interior background. I am not so pleased with this piece. It was the first one I did so I was still learning how to draw how I wanted in Photoshop, I also used a different colouring technique which I don't think is as effective. Again, I have objects in the foreground framing the piece and I made use of both harmonious colours and complementary (the green and purple). The light sources are the chandelier and the candles, the window also provides some light although it is night time outside.