Life drawing

Here is a selection of the life drawings I have produced during my year on the Falmouth animation course. Initially I was disappointed with how my drawings were turning out, I was used to longer poses of about 30 minutes - 2 hours from my previous fine art course, so I was unused to the 30 second poses of an animation course. However looking back at the drawings now I can see how they are more useful for animation than my previous drawings. I would like to continue practicing my traditional life drawing skills in my own time though as I still consider it important.

These are some very short poses, about 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. Focus was on the line of action, balance and weight. This technique was the one I found hardest to learn but luckily it is quick to practice.

Some longer poses. From last year I was used to working in pencil so I had to adjust to using media that you could not erase, and also to work faster.

Here I did some measuring technique as I had already learnt but due to how the short the poses were (5 minutes) I couldn't spend too long on the measuring and accuracy.

Shading and defining of 3D depth.

Experimental techniques.

The first drawing is looking at areas of light and dark, this was actually successful as the drawing really stood out of the page and appeared 3D.

Perspective studies. Again I was still finding it difficult to define the perspective without taking a long time measuring.

Shadows and areas of light.

This piece became more stylized, which is something I often really like in my work.

 Finally! Some measured life drawing! Unfortunately we only had 30 minutes for this but it was so nice to be able to become really immersed and focused on one drawing and spend a lot of time on accuracy. I will definitely be trying to more like this in my own time, as well practicing the new techniques I have learnt.

This is slightly different - normally I am very uncomfortable doing portraits from life but by applying the techniques I have learnt for drawing th human figure whilst drawing the face I was able to produce something I am quite pleased with. The ear needs improving and I need to do some anatomy practice but I am pleased with the proportions and depth in general.