Maya 3D Environment

This project was very difficult, I had to deal with creative challenges and technical challenges. I found Maya complicated to model in, however as I got closer to finishing this project I began to feel more confident doing so. There were several new features of Maya I had to learn for this - modelling, lighting, camera movement, rendering, projection mapping and texturing. Now I feel I know the basics of all of these so this project was very helpful.
I wish I had more time to add details to the model, however I had to be careful not to make too many polygons in the model. So instead I should practice texturing so I don't need to slow up rendering. Another useful skill I learnt was how to use Photoshop better - I used this for the Digital Matte Painting.
Since deciding to learn Photoshop this term I have begun using it much more, in fact I used to for all 3 of the projects due in this week.