Mazed Ident

Once last thing we had to do for Mazed was an ident. I found it hard to come up with a concept that was simple. We were learning an new programme (After Effects) so it was essential to keep the idea simple and effective. I planned to use characters for a long time but then decided it would be simpler and more graphical to not use one.
I wanted a stylish ident that was smooth, so I went for a more graphic design approach. The transitions were also very important as we were learning how to use Alpha channels specifically for this project. I made all of the assets on Photoshop and put them together using Flash and After Effects and then had to render in four different formats for the hand-in.

These are my initial brainstorming and ideas. An important part of this project was branding, so we had to choose 5 brand values and design an ident to communicate these. Although most of my ideas included characters I choose not to use one in the end.

 I wanted to link my ident to the original Mazed animation I worked on so I used one of the backgrounds as my main source of influence, however here you can see I styled it and considered different compositions.

A quick test using After Effects. This was made when I was considering an even more graphical approach, however I abandoned this when I decided it was too sterile and not appealing enough especially for Mazed's family audience.

A moodboard, included are the characters from my Mazed animation. You can see how I am going for a graphical approach, however very bright and colourful with a lot of influence from iPhones as this is where the Mazed animations are viewed. In my final ident I played on the movement of scrolling on an iPhone.

The project storyboard. Even though the ident is only 10 seconds long it was useful to go into a lot of detail just to make sure everything was very clear when it came to making the animation in an unfamiliar program.

One of the requirements was to use alpha channels. The above video shows the alpha channels for my ident - the black is transparent and the white opaque. This means that if footage is playing the ident can appear smoothly over the end of it, instead of an abrupt cut.