Motion Studies Showreel

My Motion Studies showreel for summer 2014. This contains all of the motion studies exercises I've done on the animation course so far plus the dance project. The dance project involved animating a dancing figure in Celaction and then adding extra in Flash. Celaction was a tricky program to work with and working in it just made me appreciate the freedom and ease of Flash. I had to work in a particularly smooth style in Celaction and so it was interesting to take this and make it more fluid in Flash. I was particularly inspired by Ryan Woodward's Thought of You

I attended dance class to draw the dancers and so I was inspired by the drawing style I used during this, and I really wanted the final animation to follow the small style. The music used in the clip was played during the dance class. In Celaction I paid attention to the technical aspects of movement, whilst in Flash I allowed myself the freedom of expression. I really liked this style of animation and want to try more in the future.