Designs for 'Funny in 15'

I have just started a group project to create a funny animation in 15 seconds - we have 5 weeks to complete this project.
I'm filling the roles of producer, designer, animator and clean-up artist on this project. The producing seems to be going well so far - I'll be able to judge my performance on that properly when we get to the deadline. Below is some of the work I have done as designer.
Our idea is very simple and involves a dumb seagull.

Character progression for the seagull.

Designs for the boat - this may be modeled and animated in 3D for the final animation so I made several views of the boat to allow easy modelling. 

Three different options for the buoy. 

And the Titanic :) I really like this style - now that I have practiced it I can work much faster than usual.

This project has been good for trying out some more photoshop techniques - I'm fast becoming very comfortable using this program now.