Funny in 15

This week I finished working on my Funny in 15 group project.
I worked as producer, background artist, character designer, art director, clean up artist and compositor on the project. I worked with Katie Wyman who worked as director, animator, sound effects person, voice actor, assistant clean up artist, animatic and storyboarding. Abhishekh Shivayogi was 3D modeller and 3D animator.

I think this was successful project in many ways and I learnt a great deal from it, not least of all learning how to use new animation software TV Paint. 
I really like working in this software, although I have only learnt the basics so far. It is ideal for creating more artistic and fluid animation than Flash, and the tools are much more animation based and focused. Also, we had to work out how to put 2D and 3D together, and although I encountered lots of problems in the compositing stage I can avoid them in future projects.

Above - final Funny in 15 animation
Things I would like to improve include the water in shot 2 coming from the bow of the boat, I think this should be cleaner and more fluid. Also, I ended up putting the water in frame by frame and was running out of time so in some parts it is quite rough (hopefully it is not too noticeable). In general though I am very happy with how this animation turned out, especially as it involved learning a bunch of new skills and really challenging myself.

One of the backgrounds I made using Photoshop. I like how we managed to blend a number of different styles together in this animation.

And below are the layouts I made for the project using concept art and designs I drew in Photoshop. These were very handy when it came to animating as we had 2 main animators - one working in 2D and one in 3D so everyone had to be clear on exactly were key poses needed to be.

 I did a previous blog post whilst I was working on the character and prop designs, which you can see here.