Sunday, 30 November 2014

11 Second Club

This month I worked on an animation for the 11 Second Club competition. I learnt a lot from this project, especially as we had animator Billy Allison as a guest at the university for 3 days. Asides from giving us lectures on how to use TV Paint he also gave great animation advice during studio time. A particularly useful tip he explained was easing in and out by arranging inbetweens so that they are not necessarily midway between keys.

As this animation was very much about learning for me I don't feel it looks wonderful but I had a chance to apply some of the techniques I was learning. I'm really looking forward to receiving feedback on the 11 Second Club website.

The 11 Second Club competition involves animating a performance piece to an 11 second sound clip. The main focus is on performance - hence the rough finish. I tried to create strong key poses although I think the characters move around too much and perhaps I should employ stronger pauses in future. My timing still needs work as this something I have always struggled with.

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