Monday, 2 February 2015

Re-development of 'CAUGHT' animatic

Back in October 2014 I did a storyboard and animatic for an animated short concept I had called 'Caught'. After receiving feedback from my tutors on this work I decided to create an improved version. One of the main feedback points was to have a more consistent colour scheme in the animatic in order to help the continuity. There is a dream sequence within the animation that requires a very different colour scheme to make it recognisable as a dream sequence.

I started the redevelopment process by creating some more concept art for the animatic that would allow me to be more consistent.

Above is a concept design for the main character - an unnamed female sailor. I wanted her to convey a sense of independence and not to be too feminine. The above drawings show the layers of her outfit.

These are some initial sketches I did of the characters. The bird uses a mix of references - cranes, storks and herons. It wears a mask similar to the Plague Doctor Venetian design. 

In order to help create a more consistent colour scheme throughout I made the above palettes based from Aleksandr Petrov's 'Old Man and the Sea' oil on glass animation.

All of this concept work provided useful reference for me as I recoloured and redrew the animatic.

The redone animatic came out with a much stronger dark overtone which I think captures the mood of the piece better. Having done character designs it was much easier to draw the different frames as I knew what the characters were supposed to look like. I feel that maybe I made the new frames a bit too complicated and that the original animatic was clearer, whilst the redone version was more atmospheric.   

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