Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Pier concept art for 'The Reel'

This concept piece was pretty fun to work on and a nice break from all of the other work I have to do. It took a day to do the line art - starting from scratch. Again, my obvious influence for this piece is Monkey Island, however as one of my friends had been playing a game called 'Deponia' a lot, the style of that game unconsciously seeped into the design for this (most noticeably in the air vents). 
Oh, and the reason for all the 'big sign's is that the director has a graphic designer keen to do those so I didn't have to worry about them.

Here's the coloured versions, it's quite rough and this is an area I'd like to improve on in my art. I particularly like the lighting on the air vents, fence and kiosk walls. The second one uses more neon colours as suggested by the director. I'm really looking forward to seeing this modelled in 3D.

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