Friday, 27 March 2015

Runepaw with James Henry

For the last few weeks we've been lucky enough to be working on a project with writer James Henry. It revolves around some of his pitch ideas - one of which is called Runepaw. This idea is about a bunch of viking mice learning navigational skills for a young audience.
As part of our pre-production we've been producing concept art including character and background designs to match the ideas.

My initial character designs - trying out various shapes and armour/weaponary ideas (use of bottle caps as shields). Plus a rendered version for fun.

Concept design. I figured that the elements could all pop up like wooden scenery (the clouds are held up by strings), complete with a frame, whilst myths and legends are told. 

The northern lights could be a beautiful part of the scenery. This design style might be too 'grown-up' for the target audience though.

A younger style. It'd be pretty cool if the mice lived in a viking helmet.

Concept art for location. Again, possibly too 'grown up' but perhaps elements of this style could be used in a more toned-down way (especially the clouds).

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