James Henry's Westcountry concept work

Some initial designs for characters and locations. The very rough sketch on the right was developed later on (see bottom image).

More character designs. I particularly like the top 2 heads on the right image for the mum character. 

Concepts for the kids mostly.

Here is the sketchbook development work I did for this project. I tried lots of different designs for the brother and sister characters, and also the mum. 

These are two rendered turnarounds of the brother and sister characters. They are like puppets - hence the joints on the arms. I would like to spend more time on these designs as I learnt a lot just from doing these 2 turnarounds. I think I could improve more if I did some more. The girl may be a bit old fashioned-looking so I could try some variations on her. I really like the boy's hoodie  the joints work well with it.

Here was a location sketch I did showing the underwater city. I looked at Cornish mining buildings for inspiration as that is where this show is set. However the inhabitants have made their houses to look like the chimneys. There is also a shipwreck probably full of treasure and a submerged bridge which was inspired by the path to St Michael's Mount in Penzance. Another method of entrance to the city is via submerged stepping stones held down like buoys with a weight on a chain.