Friday, 17 April 2015

Runepaw background concepts

When developing background concepts for Runepaw I began with some thumbnail sketches and looked at existing pre-school animated shows.
I then moved into digital art and began experimenting with overlays. I quickly decided to use brighter colours and bolder shapes.

I found this one a bit bland. 

Not colourful enough and maybe a bit too scary for a very young audience?

Lots of place to explore.

The viking's home

The iceberg in the foreground needs changing to a more fitting shape. I started adding other colours than blue to the sky to make the backgrounds more colourful.

A simple interior of a feast hall.

The ship is designed so that the audience can see the interior easily.

Learning about constellations / navigation by stars.

I think this one is over designed and not engaging enough, but overall I am pleased with the different backgrounds I produced.

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