Here is an idea I have been working on for my final year film. I'm not sure yet if I will use this idea, I do like it but I think perhaps I would like to make a film with a more serious topic.

Character design. I based the colours on Van Gogh's artwork. As I would like this film to be cut out, preferably animated using CelAction, the characters are fairly simple and easy to cut up.

The story follows Calico's adventure to catch a hot air balloon. Here she is seeing it for the first time after having chased her pet cat up a tree.

However, Calico's older sister is not so keen on going on an adventure and constantly tries to take her home. Whilst Calico sees fantastic animals, Ellen does not want to see them and is instead frightened by them. 

Here's the last shot. After rescuing Calico from a bull, Ellen drags her to safety through a woodland. Once back in an open field they are both mad - Calico has lost the balloon and Ellen sees it is getting dark. But after helping each other climb to the top of a hill, Calico finally gets to share her adventure with Ellen as they see this magical sight.

A storyboard sample which introduces the characters' personalities.

I would love to add children's voices to this film as I think it gave such a lovely feeling to Alphabet Patch. Unfortunately I'm not great with sound, so I will try and find a good Sound person to help me on this film.