Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Third and final year!

"Alphabet Patch is an educational animated TV series for preschool children. It teaches words and encourages an interest in the outdoors. Alphabet Patch follows the adventures of Paddy the garden gnome and his animal friends in their allotment home."

It's full steam ahead on Alphabet Patch this year. I'm spending my final year at Falmouth University directing and producing a pilot episode for Alphabet Patch and a full production bible for the series - with the dream of pitching it professionally.
Alphabet Patch was given the go-ahead yesterday after I pitched it on Friday. Over the summer I developed the project further and created a rough animatic and script.

Above and below: rough animatic frames and their matching 'wow' images that I presented in my pitch

I'm very excited to be working on AP this year, but there is a lot to do. It's going to be animated in CelAction, which sadly isn't popular among third years so I'm hoping there will be second years keen to help with animating.

The pilot is going to be about 5 minutes long with voices, and something that I am really excited about is that I have a musician working with me from the animatic stage to compose music that really fits with the animation.

I'm planning on developing the educational side of AP much more, each episode is based on a different letter of the alphabet and different words are taught in each episode.

Finally, here are the characters that will appear in the pilot episode. I am really excited to see them come to life through animation and to see how they move and interact with their world (considering Cecil the snail has no hands).