Week 5 - just keep swimming

I don't feel as though I have achieved much this last week, and now this week coming I will need to spend most of my time working on my dissertation so I am little worried about Alphabet Patch grinding to a halt for a week. However, I can't really afford to do that so I will have to be very organised and efficient this week to make sure everything that needs to gets done.

This week I finished the rough turnarounds of all the main five characters.

The next step is to trace these in Illustrator, neaten them up and make sure the joints work smoothly. After that, I will import the shapes back into Photoshop and apply texture. Lastly, I will import them to CelAction and test the rigs to make sure all of the required poses can be achieved before I make any changes. A positive from this week was that I found the help file for CelAction on the uni computers - previously I had been trying to open it wrong - this makes life a lot easier although it is still a little complicated to get my head around.
I have been getting bogged down for the last coupe of weeks with the technical side of the softwares I have been using, thus I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, I have figured out almost all the technical stuff now and it's just a matter of keeping going.

I also did some concept work for another third year film - Sweet Tooth directed by Elisabeth Horne. In this film cakes come alive and begin attacking and eating their human oppressors.

I am already quite busy directing and producing Alphabet Patch and producing Falling in Love, so I don't think I will be able to contribute very much to Sweet Tooth but it is very fun to work on.

Finally, Luis Cook from Aardman visited our course this week. He gave some feedback on the Alphabet Patch animatic and suggested simplifying it and also defining the characters more. This week I would also like to rework the animatic and complete another draft of it. Together with my crew, we sat down and worked out what changes we should make to the script and animatic. To define the characters more we tried putting them into everyday situations and imagining how they would all react differently.

So with redoing the animatic, preparing the characters for rigging and my dissertation I have a lot on my plate this week but I'll do my best.