Week 7: Busy busy

Sorry for the late post this week, I was very busy over the weekend.
This week has mostly been a mix of dissertation writing, creating production documents, neatening up the character turnarounds in illustrator and testing the pipeline for Alphabet Patch.

Producing-wise I have made tracking forms, shot breakdowns, background and prop lists, and costings for the two films I am producing on: Alphabet Patch and Falling in Love.
AP and FIL both have nearly 90 shots each.
I've found Google Drive very useful to create and share these documents with the relevant crews.
Below is a small amount of the shot breakdown I made for AP, it is not yet completed - the editor Sophie Rippington is in the process of filling out the 'duration' and 'sfx' boxes for each shot. The shots are colour-coded to show the level of difficulty of each shot - this may be due to the action or due to the amount of characters in one shot and/or how much lip sync is required. The shot breakdown identifies the shots needed for the animation, the background for each shot, props, which characters are in each shot, VFX, SFX, dialogue etc. This makes it easier for me to divide up my crew's time and to start scheduling how to complete this animation.

Below is part of the tracking form for AP, we have decided to have an lead animator for each character to keep the movement consistent. This form will be filled out as we begin to animate and hopefully will be all green before the deadline.

There's still lots of to plan, I am still working out costing and assigning roles to make sure we have enough crew and time to complete the animations in time. The next big production document that I need to make asap is the schedule, but it is causing me a bit of a headache working out how to do that especially with 90 shots per film.

Besides the dissertation, the other big task this week was preparing the characters in illustrator ready to rig in CelAction. The good news is that so far the pipeline tests have been mostly successful and the rigs are turning out to to be very flexible and lots of movement can be achieved. Hopefully I will have more to post on this next week - I am hoping to make some videos showing how the rigs can be used, as well as some tutorials for my crew members to help them animating.

Throughout the week I have been designing my first business card. I'm hoping to work in children's animated TV so I choose one of my designs that was relevant to this. I was going to put 'CelAction rigger' on the card but was advised that this is quite a niche job that is usually done on the side, hopefully I will get the opportunity to do it someday anyway.

My design, I would love some feedback on this as I haven't sent it off to the printers yet so there is still time to improve it.

Anyway, I'm back to work now :)