First Term Summary

Here's a convenient showreel of progress made on Alphabet Patch this term (this is not the episode, it is just the different sections that have been animated so far put together):

Although it's great to have such good progress, watching this showreel I identified a number of things I am not happy with. Firstly, the backgrounds are too complicated and still need lots of development - as I have been busy producing and directing I have not spent as much time as I should have on developing the background style. Fortunately I now have a bit of time over the Christmas holiday to remedy this. I am also going to change the composition on a lot of the storyboard, as the scenes with all of the characters in appear cluttered and too zoomed in. Thus I'll be introducing more long shots and a simpler, clearer composition style.
Finally, working closely with my writers I'll be 'streamlining' the script and story. In general we will be simplifying and clarifying the whole episode to avoid long speeches by Paddy and keeping the flow of the episode smooth and fun to watch. There will be a number of character changes, the characters will be more excited to be exploring the outdoors, whilst Paddy will ask the the characters to come up with their own fun solutions to problems instead of just telling everyone what to do.

There's quite a lot of changes to be made but I am sure they will make the episode better. I'm also glad these were picked up now as it gives us time to change things for the better. With careful producing it shouldn't effect our scheduling badly. This whole project has been a steep learning curve as it is so different from what I have done before.