Week 11: Happy New Year!

Back to university this week! As the dissertation deadline is next Friday, there are not a lot of crew members free to work much on the animation projects, so I have taken this week to sort everything ready for animation to begin straightaway after the deadline. Having said that, I have been able to assign some shots for animation this week so progress is still happening.

Over the Christmas break I developed the background style for Alphabet Patch which proved to be tricky as all the characters are different colours and textures, and it was hard to get them to stand out from the background. However, eventually I found a design that works.

I also re-storyboarded the whole Alphabet Patch animation to reflect our concerns about things that weren't working. I'm pleased with the new storyboard, I think the episode flows a lot more smoothly and is more entertaining. I then put the storyboard into an animatic and made a terrible scratch track recording of the voices. Hopefully my editor will be able to improve the animatic this week and perfect the timings.

I also recreated the lip-syncing mouths for the CelAction character rigs so that they are a lot more simple. I'm going to test these out today, and they may need some further adjusting.

Due to the new animatic, I need to redo lots of the production stuff such as the tracking form, schedule and costing - so I am sorting that all out this week as well as finalizing the new lip sync shapes and organising the final voice recording sessions. Hopefully I will also be able to get some simple shots animated as well.