Weeks 12 & 13

I spent most of Week 12 tying up loose ends in preproduction and rescheduling and by Week 13 I had begun to animate properly for Alphabet Patch. I felt a bit rusty animating to start with, and felt frustrated with the lack of progress. However, by sticking to it I am starting to feel more confident animating again.
I animated a couple of shots this week, one of them involved the character Paddy turning from 3/4 front view to 3/4 back view. This was the first time I had tried doing this with any of the characters but I think it was successful. I shot some reference video to help me animate this shot using Jack as the actor and this proved to be so helpful that I intend on shooting reference for the whole episode. It is harder to create reference for the animal characters but I'll look into some solutions for that.

The animated preview!

Above is the reference video filmed to help animate the shot

In general, everything is going ok on the production. We are waiting for the final voices to be recorded which is holding up production a bit, however as producer I am trying to minimize the delay. I am hoping to have all of the voices recorded by the end of this week - finger crossed.

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