Friday, 26 February 2016

Animated Shot from Alphabet Patch

This week I animated a fairly long shot for Alphabet Patch, it was a bit more difficult that usual due to the multiple characters and rigs in the scene. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, during the editing stage the timings can be changed slightly to improve it also.
The soundtrack is simply a scratch version to help with timing, in the final edit everything should be in time and different voices will be in place.

In general, AP is plodding along nicely. We made some story changes after receiving feedback from Aardman director Luis Cook, which have improved the episode and we are now focusing more on creating the pitch bible to go alongside this pilot episode. The main difficulty has been deciding on voice actors and this is still open currently. We also need to learn some new recording methods that allow us to record outside the university studio. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

CelAction crew instructions

As promised (albeit a long time ago), I'm uploading the CelAction 'manual' I made for my crew on Alphabet Patch. It's very basic and acted only to help the crew get used to animating CelAction. Alongside this, I also ran a CelAction session to walk the crew through the manual and to introduce them to the different characters and pipeline of Alphabet Patch.

These instructions assume that the crew are starting from a pre-prepared layout given to them by me, so it doesn't cover character construction or rigging (if anyone reading would like a similar manual covering those aspects please let me know!)

Hope someone finds these helpful!

EDIT: Here are the links listed as other helpful online tutorials at the end of the manual: