Alphabet Patch Background Development

I'm working this week to redesign and refine the backgrounds for Alphabet Patch's pilot episode. It's interesting to see how the background designs have changed since the beginning of the project, so here's some examples:

First design: lots of colour and depth but things have a hard time standing out.

Things stand out a bit more but the design is much darker and not in keeping with the atmosphere of the episode.

Lighter, more simple. The leaves are not very nice to look at. 

Close up view: the colours are not quite right and the leaves are quite bland.

Most recent design: making the leaves more interesting and lighter.

Close up view: softer and warmer leaves, more interesting to look at.

I'm happy with the most recent design especially when I look back at how it has developed. As we are getting quite close to the deadline now (1 month to go) this will probably be the final background design style, at least for now. With these backgrounds it has always been tricky making sure the characters stand out well (as they are highly textured) but also keeping the backgrounds themselves looking interesting and colourful.