Nominated for an award

Exciting news, the short animated film I directed and produced last year for RJ Workings entitled 'Home' has been nominated for an award in the 'Cutting Edge' category at the Restorative Awards. I haven't been able to show the whole film online before now but now it is free for you to watch if you like:

I had a great team working with me to animate this film and it was an amazing learning experience which definitely helped me out this year with my producing and directing.
I've dug out an old blog post from when I was developing the original concept for this short, you can see it here

In other news, the pilot episode of Alphabet Patch is nearing completion! I have lots of ideas of where to go with AP after this, including several pitching events and festival screenings. Hopefully within the next month I can upload some more material from the project. 

Also, check out my new website if you have not already, I am really pleased with how it came out and feel much more represented by my website now.