Finished! New showreel

My latest showreel featuring some completed clips from Alphabet Patch.

Alphabet Patch episode A is now finished, complete with lovely music by Lois Brown, a 2nd year music student who stepped in and saved the day after our other musician left the project unexpectedly at the last minute. Sound design was done by Freddy Houghton-Connell, a sound design student at Falmouth, who was super professional and did a great job, check out his website here. Big thanks to everyone else who worked on the episode, including the many voice actors.

As I'm hoping to enter Alphabet Patch into a number of animation festivals and pitching events, I can't upload the whole episode online just yet. Even though the episode is finished, I now have a busy time preparing festival entries, which is both exciting and daunting. As AP has dialogue I need to prepare subtitles for international festivals.
I've also produced a pitch bible to accompany the episode, a few pages of which are shown below:


  1. Super cute! I think kids will love this. :)


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