Monday, 13 August 2018

Where Am I?

 So things have been super quiet over here on my blog for some time, and that's because I've been working full time on Rumours From Elsewhere - an independent video game created with Unreal. If you do want to keep up with what I'm working on click over to the Rumours From Elsewhere development blog or follow us on social media. Our free demo is now available on Steam and!

Someday I may resuscitate this blog, but for now you can find me over at Rumours From Elsewhere.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Alphabet Patch is released online

Alphabet Patch was created in 2016 as my final year project whilst studying at Falmouth University. It's a pilot episode for a possible children's TV series which teaches the alphabet. Animated in CelAction.

Alphabet Patch was screened at the following film/animation festivals:
- 9th CMS International Children's Film Festival, Lucknow INDIA
- Pulcinella competition 'Best TV Pilot' at Rai Cartoons on the Bay 2017, Turin ITALY
- ReAnimania Festival 2016, ARMENIA

I'm very grateful to the voice actors, musician and sound designer of Alphabet Patch:
Dotty the Ladybird: Nelly Wason
Paddy the Gnome: Leigh Juggins
Cecil the Snail: Katie Wyman
Tony the Cat: Ryan Orgill
Beanie the Hen: Giacomo Ghigo

Musician: Lois Brown
Sound Designer: Freddy Houghton-Connell

and also to the whole crew who helped bring Alphabet Patch to life:
Sophie Rippington
Elitsa Nedyalkova
Leigh Juggins
Dan Bowhay
Aaron Donlon
Giacomo Ghigo
Midnight Sparkle
Holly Herbet
Connor Schrader
Olly Street
Ellie Walsh

During the process of making Alphabet Patch I wrote a number of development blogs - READ THEM HERE!