Thursday, 24 May 2018

Alphabet Patch is released online

Alphabet Patch was created in 2016 as my final year project whilst studying at Falmouth University. It's a pilot episode for a possible children's TV series which teaches the alphabet. Animated in CelAction.

Alphabet Patch was screened at the following film/animation festivals:
- 9th CMS International Children's Film Festival, Lucknow INDIA
- Pulcinella competition 'Best TV Pilot' at Rai Cartoons on the Bay 2017, Turin ITALY
- ReAnimania Festival 2016, ARMENIA

I'm very grateful to the voice actors, musician and sound designer of Alphabet Patch:
Dotty the Ladybird: Nelly Wason
Paddy the Gnome: Leigh Juggins
Cecil the Snail: Katie Wyman
Tony the Cat: Ryan Orgill
Beanie the Hen: Giacomo Ghigo

Musician: Lois Brown
Sound Designer: Freddy Houghton-Connell

and also to the whole crew who helped bring Alphabet Patch to life:
Sophie Rippington
Elitsa Nedyalkova
Leigh Juggins
Dan Bowhay
Aaron Donlon
Giacomo Ghigo
Midnight Sparkle
Holly Herbet
Connor Schrader
Olly Street
Ellie Walsh

During the process of making Alphabet Patch I wrote a number of development blogs - READ THEM HERE!

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