Foundation: Drawing exercises

The first few weeks of Foundation were in some ways the toughest, but also the most useful. We did drawing, lots of drawing! I wasn't used to standing at an easel drawing for hours at a time and found it difficult to start with, but now I appreciate the challenge of drawing for long periods of time as it allows me to really concentrate on improving my technique and ability. It was through these exercises that I discovered that I really wanted to learn to draw properly - to understand and convey in 2D how objects exist in a 3D space. This ambition helped lead me to chose to study animation.
I've just dumped a selection of work created on the first part of the course below with some brief descriptions, so you can get a quick idea of my drawing background and how I like to work. I haven't included any life drawings as I'll probably write a separate post about them at a later date, however you can see some on my main art website now if you are interested.

Here I am practicing measured drawing - trying free hand sketching and then drawing the same scene using the technique of measured drawing

History drawing - drawing the same set-up repeatedly from different angles 

In this work created for the course's Christmas Exhibition, I utilised the technique of layered drawing that I had explored in the history drawing above 

More composition and technique exercises - learning about the Golden Rule and root rectangles. I'm really fascinated by how ideas such as the Golden Rule were developed in history and how mathematics is connected to art.

Experiments with typography and composition

Painting exercises