Foundation Final Project: Characters Models from War and Peace PART 1: CATALOGUE

Apologies as this is a very image-intensive post. This is the first of at least two blog posts I'm going to do about my Foundation Diploma final piece, the second of which will focus more on the sculpting process. After the second part I don't plan on posting any further about my previous art projects. Instead I'll be posting my current work which will be more animation-related. 

For my final project on the Foundation course I chose to make some clay models based on characters from Leo Tolstoy's epic War and Peace. I found the project pretty difficult for a number of reasons - firstly, it was self-directed and as a result I didn't really work in the most effective way - I feel that I spent a lot of time exploring ideas that were not closely related to the end result of the project; secondly, I was experimenting with a medium I had never tried before. The models are constructed from Super Sculpey clay and the whole process was experimental - however it was exciting and I did learn an awful lot. I'm especially glad I have some experience with making 3D models now that I am studying animation as I think it will come in useful when I try stop-motion.

As an introduction to the project I've decided to upload the catalogue I created at the end of the project to accompany the models in the end of year exhibition. I tried to include lots of drawings from the sketchbook I kept as development for the project. There's also a number of reference images in the catalogue which I've referenced on the same page as the images appear. It was cobbled together in a bit of a hurry but hopefully it is somewhat understandable and interesting. 

Click on an image to view a larger version.