Sketchbook: Cosmetic surgical procedures

I've been trying to draw more in my sketchbook following last week's sketchbook tutorial. I've got various ideas to explore and develop on from just drawing from references. Also I wanted to find different styles of drawing. 
This is an example of some of the sketchbook work I've been doing in response to those aims. 

As part of the Animation course I watched some third year film pitches last week - one in particular really stood out to me. It was called Skinister and was a stop-motion animated short with a horror plot. I really liked the themes illustrated and also the art style. So much so that I've contacted Rachel, the third year who pitched it, and hope that I can work on the project. 
I've recently become interested in plastic surgery and so I was inspired by this pitch to explore some of my initial ideas around the subject. I started by watching some videos of cosmetic surgical procedures that I could relate to. From this I did some sketches and explored some different styles of drawing. In particular, I thought that the technique of using watercolours to paint the body and then biro to draw the surgeon's hands and tools was effective at showing how the human body was delegated to just flesh during the procedures. I was struck by how non-delicate the surgery was, and I was also interested by the fact the bodies I was sketching were actively hated and not accepted.
I'm pleased with how the sketches went and will probably develop this initial work further, hopefully if I can be involved in the Skinister project I could use some of these techniques. I'm especially keen to experiment with bringing these drawings into 3D by modelling them in clay. 

If you're interested here's the link for you to take a look at Rachel's blog, the girl who pitched Skinister:


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