Cut-out animation sketches

I started this side project a while ago and haven't found time to finish it yet. The top character was drawn in Flash in one of my initial attempts at using the software, she is based from an earlier character I created which you can see on my main art website under 'illustration'.
Following on from this I started to work out in my sketchbook how the character would work as a cut-out. I included the mouth shapes in both front and side view for if I wanted to create some lip sync with her and also various hand and eye poses. On the first page you can see the colour-coded sketch I used to try and work out what order the different cut-out pieces would sit on top of each other.
As I said, I haven't found enough time to dedicate to animating this character yet, and I'm not sure I will as there are many other more essential or exciting projects but I will keep the designs just in case. 


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