Mazed horse

This is one of the character designs I did for the Mazed project. It is the prince's horse. As the animation will be done in cut out style I decided to draw extra legs for the horse to make it easier for the animators to work, also it will speed up their job. I created 6 pairs of legs for the side view of the horse, which means the animators can switch between pairs to create a walking motion.
It's a very basic technique but as we are animating the whole thing in a cut-out style I think it will fit well as we don't need the movement to be realistic to life. 

Below is a quick representation of how the legs move, however I will leave it up to the animators to swap the legs at their own timing. 
The head, neck, body and tails are all separate pieces in this design so the horse can bob his head up and down. You can see that there are two tails, this is so the animators can switch between tails when the horse is moving or stationary.