Sunday, 7 September 2014

UP nesting dolls

I've been working on a couple of designs for a set of nesting dolls. Here's one of the designs which is of Disney Pixar's 'UP'. I originally was going to paint these designs on to the dolls but have since decided not to. However I decided to finish and colour the designs anyway to practice my Photoshop.

The biggest doll has a slightly different design to usual - the balloons make use of the rounded doll head. I imagine this would have been pretty tricky to paint onto the doll despite me making a design for each side. The dolls I had for this design are squatter than the previous and so I ended up doing a front, back and side view for each doll.

Here I fit the bird onto the doll by having him bend his neck around, I included a chick for extra interest at the rear of the doll. I really like the colours on this one, in fact, the whole set is very bright which I like a lot.

The framed photograph Carl is holding is intended to contain a wedding photo of him and Ellie, but I had planned on spontaneously designing this detail during the painting process as I wasn't sure how big the area for the photo would be.

Russell is a fun design as he has so much detail, the trumpet would be hanging from the other side of his back pack on the side not shown in these designs. His face could do with some refining as it looks a little strange currently.

It was fun trying out some fur painting on Photoshop for this one, it was all very rough but a good starting point. It probably would have been difficult to attempt to paint fur on a tiny nesting doll too.

As I said, I have no current plans to use these designs but they were good fun and practice to do and I think they are engaging to look at just as designs. I feel they show well how I have improved since I designed the Monkey Island nesting dolls two years ago.

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