Life Drawing

These are some of my drawings from our first life-drawing session of the new semester. Above are some quick poses - about 30 seconds. I think I am getting better at this exercise as I am focusing more on capturing the weight of the pose as opposed to trying to draw the whole figure in detail.

Next are some slightly longer poses. The obvious problem I have here is drawing the heads, I have real difficulty connecting the head to the body. In the left drawing the head is much too small, so in future sessions I should look more at how to draw necks and heads,

This is a measured drawing but with not a lot of time. Again, I had difficulty with the head and I am not too sure about the proportions in this one either.

And finally, a pose of only about 1 minute or less. This term I need to learn how to work faster, not just in life drawing but in all of my drawing. I aim to do a number of drawing exercises everyday with a set time limit to improve this.