More life drawing

Here are some pieces I did from 2 life drawing sessions.

Exercises in ink, capturing quick poses. Recently I am drawing inspiration from Bill Plympton's work and I would love to try to animate something using exaggerated bodies. I saw his film 'Cheatin'' at the Annecy Festival in June and thought it was beautiful.

Some good rendering in this piece but overall I need to work on placing the figure within a 3d space that works realistically.

An ink portrait. Didn't turn out how I envisioned but I like how it is reminiscent of Vrubel's paintings and so I am happy with this piece although in future I should try different styles (more measured).

The proportions went out the window with this drawing but I like the technique. I added the background just to make the piece clearer. I really like the arm closest to the viewer and the shoulders and neck. I have been trying to practice more how the head connects to the body and I feel like I learnt something from this piece in that area.

Blocked out figure (apologies for the bad photo). I am getting awful at proportions, next time I should apply myself to getting the proportions right.

Classic pose. As I said, I am trying to spend more time on heads and necks.

I like this piece, the rear looks almost 3D, I think this technique of lighting is pretty effective - using extreme dark and then white highlights and areas of rendered colour.

Some more quick poses. I think I'm getting better at these, I am really drawing a lot of inspiration from Bill Plympton and worrying less about creating measured pieces but rather emotional and communicative pieces.