Saturday, 13 December 2014

Concept art for the 'The Reel'

'The Reel' is a third year project that I am fortunate enough to have been asked to a concept artist for. The project aim is to create a series of impressive 3D short clips showcasing the 3rd years' skills for their showreels. The art of Monkey Island was a big design influence for the project, thus I was keen to work in that style and to have the opportunity to practice as a concept artist.
I get most of my briefs and feedback from Oly Bromley and Ben Wardle who are two of the 3rd years working on 'The Reel'.

Here's a showcase of the work I've done so far on this project:

One of the first concept pieces I did - trying out a few different variations on jungle plants. The first and second from the left were the most preferred styles. 

Some attempts at trees, I'm not happy with how these turned out but they were a stepping stone in my learning process. The feedback I received was that these trees were too dead and dry looking, and so I tried again... 

Selection of palm trees. Oly had wanted me to try more stylized shapes and gave me some reference art images that really helped me start developing a style.

Another attempt at trees, you can see that I didn't have much experience drawing trees. I also struggled a bit with the concept of drawing props that could be sculpted in 3D so I was a bit lost about what to do about leaves - in this piece I tried simplifying them too much.

Some Mayan - influenced ruins. These were much more up my street and I enjoyed working on them. As part of this project I've realised I need to learn to draw a lot faster.

More Mayan ruins. I think the head on the right isn't very successful and I should've looked at more references. The other 3, although simple are a lot more effective.

Concept piece for a shot. I like how this turned out, I'm waiting on any feedback and changes that might need doing on this piece. 

Line art for the second shot concept. It was difficult to start doing whole scenes but I'm pleased with how this turned out. Again, there may be changes that need doing to this piece.

Shaded version. I need to do some practise on lighting - I wanted the immediate foreground very dark and for the general foreground to be contrasted by the sun and background. I'll see what feedback I get as to how to improve, whilst in the meantime I'll read up on lighting since it very important.

Coloured version. I struggled a lot to find an interesting colour palette (I'll have to read up on colour theory too). I began with purples and oranges and then decided I wanted a hazy blue background and went from there. I had some reference pieces to help as well. 
From this project so far I have realised I need to work faster and improve on lighting and colour. It's been a great opportunity so far and hopefully I'll be able to create much more work for the project. It's very cool to be able to see my 2D concepts recreated in 3D.

Monday, 8 December 2014

...and more lifedrawing

Defining the figure using light and dark shapes, I think I made some good process on the legs, but as always I need to work on the head and arms (hands especially).

Drawing with my non-dominant hand (left). This was interesting as I had to spend a lot of time looking at the figure and then calculating where on the page to place the points. Very slow though.

More shading - I like the extreme black shadows as they create some interesting shapes, also the rendering turned out well on the thigh.

Some quick warm up sketches.